Welcome Home Warrior


Returning from Afghanistan and spending some time in Bethesda, MD, our longest term Top Cat, Nick Bender, returned home to Barrington to a hero’s welcome. On June 12th he was greeted by fifty bikers and numerous Illinois State Troopers after his arrival at O’Hare. Top Cats made up half of the escort that proceeded Barrington bound on the Jane Addams Tollway. The State Police took us a few miles north on Barrington Road and were met by South Barrington and, later, Barrington Police and Fire Department to take us to our destination in downtown Barrington for some speechifying and recognition to Nick for his service to our Country.

Our Director, Wayne Kirkpatrick, organized and implemented this ride and recognition for Nick. Traveler did a great job assembling several bike groups and police and fire departments. Nick was feted at the Wool Street Grill and Sports Bar that graciously served as the end point of the ride. Nick, it is great to have you home.


My wife and I were invited to a Friday evening wedding a few weeks ago. Sitting next to me was a young man, about 30 years of age. He and I struck up a conversation and quickly realized we were both bikers. What made the conversation even more interesting was that he had just received a response to a text message from a girl he had met, and he was inviting her to ride with him on his bike sometime the next day or two. About a week after the wedding I received word that the young man and his girlfriend were involved in a one vehicle accident while he was riding her on his bike. I am not sure of the circumstances of the tragic accident that was fatal to both; only that his bike left the roadway and the ride ended tragically. Remember to ride cautiously and even more so when we are riding 2-up. We all know the physics of riding changes much with two riders. Requiem en Pace, Brandon.


Enough of the sobriety of life; we have many rides planned for the rest of the summer and fall. Make sure to attend our monthly meetings at Villa Sofia, watch our terrific website and ride with us. Sturgis is just around the corner, so ……………….