Farewell & New Beginnings

by Carlton R. “Top Cat” Marcyan

It has arrived, the end of another calendar year, riding season and Top Cats administration. All three come to a natural end. This includes my tour of duty as President concluding in a few weeks. It has been challenging but lots of fun. I thank you all for providing me the opportunity to lead the club for the past two years and hope the club is somewhat better for the experience. It certainly has been for me. There are only so many opportunities in life to take a leadership role; when it arrives the real challenge is to make it a worthwhile for all.

The members of the board during the past two years have given much of themselves and their private time for the good of Top Cats. Please thank them for these efforts. Of course, there are bumps in the road. This is to be expected; however, the goal is to seek ongoing improvement of communication with, services for , rides with and great experiences to our members and guests. Overarching above all is maintaining a high level of  safety for our riders.

Already we are planning rides and activities for 2011 as well as GRASS dates and road captain training sessions. If you are not a road captain, step up and tell us you want to be. Yes, there is responsibility, but the satisfaction you will experience and education you will receive will, as a result, make you a better rider. These  benefits are far greater than the costs of your energy and time. Challenge yourself by getting involved; no better way to get through the coming cold months than by keeping yourself busy.

My best to the next Top Cats-Illinois administration. It has been my pleasure and honor to have been your leader.

Ride on,