Bradbury_on_BikeSpring is in the Air?

by Mike Bradbury

Things are getting better and better.  Spring might finally be starting.  I say ‘might’ as we still have our s***y wet weather days but all in all nuggets of worthwhile biking days are interspersing with the wet and near cold ones.  Things are progressing well with the club, too.

Thanks to our road captains who are stepping up to get new (and old) rides on the calendar.  We are first and foremost a motorcycle club that enjoys riding so it is good to see the calendar is starting to get filled.  But there are still plenty of weekends for more rides so don’t be bashful.  Come forward with your “route inspirations”!  If you are a road captain, step up and lead a ride (or two or three, there is no limit).  If you are not a road captain but have an idea for a ride, see one of our RC’s or Senior Road Captains or better yet, consider becoming a road captain.  It is a fulfilling role in the club and one that you would probably enjoy.  You won’t know how fulfilling until you give it a try!

For new membership, we had 4 guests at our April general meeting and Greg Smith, Activities Director, reported that all the guests were interested in becoming Top Cats.

The Ride For Dreams Charity Committee, lead by Terri Loden, is finalizing the Ride For Dreams  with fresh ideas and changes.  The major change is moving the venue from the Volo Auto Museum to Woodstock Harley Davidson.  Another change is adding a stop at The Pepper’s Tree House in Barrington where the committee has coordinated with NISRA to have their benefactors there.  This will give us and our ride guests all an opportunity to meet and see the NISRA benefactors of our event.  The event will be new and a little different and is sure to be a good time.

We are looking forward for assistance with some areas and events within the club.  The ROAR will need a new Publisher by the end of the year.  Mary Walters, our current editor, has worked hard to maintain this premier club newsletter but she would like assistance and is willing to guide someone new in the Publisher role.  We also can use a new Award Committee Chair to assist with awards and the yearly annual Banquet.  Awards are a great way to earn recognition.  A new committee chair is needed to lead us onward to manage existing awards, create new ones when needed and to assist with the Annual Banquet Dinner.  The dinner is a lot easier to put on than it looks and is another great chance for new blood to step up and lead us forward.  Wayne Kirkpatrick has done an exemplary job as Awards Committee Chair but is willing to guide someone new and pass the torch on.  Step up and help the club!

Activities for May are growing  Top Cats are leading a group of Road Captains on May 7th to assist with ride management for the 2nd Annual Epic Memorial Ride, sponsored by the CRASH coalition, formerly the Black Nail Brigade.  A satellite ride is meeting early to ride together to the Epic Ride’s start point in Delavan.  Tony Loden, Activities Chair, is leading the 2nd Annual Millies Brunch Run on May 21st.  Carl Marcyan, Past President of 2009 and 2010, is leading a Sunrise Ride (caffeine optional?) on May 22nd.  And lastly for May, there is the NISRA Fishing Derby which is an event where Top Cats volunteer to hand out lunches to the NISRA beneficiaries.  Joan DeRango is leading a ride to this event too but let Terri Loden know that you are willing to help.  For our road captains, there are still openings like Memorial Day weekend and other weekends (and weekdays?) throughout this season’s event calendar to lead a ride, small or large.

So that’s all for now but remember to ride safe!

Motorcycle Mike