Going Nowhere & Somewhere

by Mike Bradbury

Greetings Top Cats,

Many new things are coming up for us all to participate in and enjoy as Top Cats.  And with the riding season starting up, now is the time to ride our bikes and enjoy going nowhere (and sometimes somewhere).  And that’s a great thing!

Illinois State Trooper, Rich Kozik will be giving a presentation on the State of Illinois’s motorcycle laws and some of their precepts on motorcycle safety at our next general meeting on June 7th.  Rich has spoken before to the club and is a dynamic and friendly speaker.  He will be available to answer your questions as well.  I checked and he WILL NOT be accepting requests to waive traffic tickets.  You are on your own for those.  But Rich is a fun guy and this should be a hoot.  So plan to come and see this presentation on June 7th at our general meeting at EsKape.

Your Ride for Dreams Committee is moving forward with the Ride For Dreams, our charity ride that provides a yearly donation to the Northern Illinois Special Recreation Association (N.I.S.R.A.). 

Activity has been ongoing “behind the scenes” for our Ride For Dreams charity on July 24th.  The event includes lunch, a band, a raffle and is based this year at Woodstock Harley Davidson.  Save the date for doing this ride!  Better yet, see Terri Loden and offer your assistance to help.  The biggest way we can all support the Ride For Dreams is to invite our riding friends that you know and from the motorcycling community to come and do the ride.  Don’t be bashful – invite motorcyclists you know to the ride!  This is a sure way to contribute and to maximize our donation to help support NISRA in our local communities.

We started the season with the official Top Cats riding season with the Kickoff Ride and Aunt Millie’s Breakfast Run.  Much thanks to Larry Scalzitti and Tony Loden for leading these rides for the club.  As road captains they stepped up and put together a ride.  I challenge other road captains who have not yet lead a ride or planned for one to lead a ride.  Designate a date on the calendar and put together a ride.  Rides come in all sizes, shapes, colors, smells, etc.  A ride can be small, large, single day or more.  We could use more day rides.  Weekends are available every month for the next three months.  This isn’t just doing your part but is about doing something I believe we all enjoy as road captains and that is crafting, planning and leading rides.  So fire up the thinking cap, make up a ride and get your ride(s) on the calendar!