bugs200x126Insect Response!

Ric Case: Senior Road Captain

Are Bugs hitting you in the face, or your helmet, or your windshield?  Ever been stung by a bee, or wasp, or a yellow jacket while riding?   An ounce of prevention is much better than a pound of cure.

When getting ready for a ride, check all your equipment and protective gear for any kind of insects before putting it on especially if you left it secured to your motorcycle.  While stored, it was accessible to insects so a quick check may save you from pain or scratching while riding.   Another suggestion is to rub your gear with bounce fabric softener sheets.  If your comfort liner in your helmet is removable and washable do it frequently and make sure to use those fabric softener sheets when drying your protective gear.  Insects don’t like that scent for some reason.

To illustrate the possibilities, one of our fellow Top Cats left Esckape after a meeting, geared up and put on his helmet.  By the time he was on Lake-Cook road he discovered he had a wasp in his helmet.  It started crawling around on his head and stung him several times before he could get stopped and get rid of the pest. He knew it was a wasp, because wasps can sting several times, a bee only once because it loses it stinger in the first attack. The best way to manage the situation, is when you get startled by anything while riding, retain composure and remain focused on riding and controlling the motorcycle.  Then get off onto the shoulder of the road and eliminate the problem.

Ride bug free!