mike PMWelcome                               to the website world of the Top Cats-Illinois!

As you browse our pages, you will gain an understanding of who we are, what we are about, and where we are going.  What you won’t gain is a solid grasp of who we are as people, who we are as riders, and who we are as members of this outstanding organization, Top Cats – Illinois.   Let me explain…..

Originally, Top Cats – Illinois was formed by a group of motorcycle enthusiasts who were business men and women.  Their purpose was to enjoy business networking and the sport of motorcycling.  Over the past decade and a half, Top Cats has evolved into a first – class group of motorcycle enthusiasts who enjoy conservative and safe riding, socializing, networking, and community involvement.

Today, any visitor to a Top Cat meeting, or a Top Cat event, will quickly realize that our group is one that easily welcomes newcomers, embraces safe riding, and provides opportunities for great riding adventures in a safe environment.

As people, our members are business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs (Top Cats) who are riders, co-riders, or non-riders.  All, however, are motorcycle enthusiasts.  And…they all have three important ideals in common; business networking, safe motorcycling, and community involvement.

As riders, one will discover that our members are mostly typical tour – bike riders, some with passengers and some solo, men and women riders, and we all enjoy both day rides and 2 – 3 day overnight excursions.  Our members are not brand – specific in terms of motorcycle types and we enjoy a wide array of various cruisers, touring bikes, trikes, dual – sport, an occasional sport bike, and even antiques and vintage bikes.

As Top Cats, we are all very proud of our organization’s efforts in providing safe and enjoyable activities through our pro – active program of motorcycle safety that addresses; group riding protocol, rider expectations, road captain certification, and well-organized and lead events. We conduct our annual charity ride as our major community activity, and we have a great history of providing our members with such annual activities as; a progressive dinner ride, a winter awards banquet,  3 day rally rides, annual 10+ day trek to Black Hills Bike Week in Sturgis, and, typically, 20 – 30 rides/activities each year.

You will learn more about us from our picture page, our events calendar, and by reading our monthly newsletter, ROAR.  But, the ultimate realization of who we are will only come from visiting us, riding with us, and giving us the opportunity to welcome you.

Enjoy our site, we hope to meet you soon and….

Let’s roll,

Mike Bradbury

Top Cats – Illinois