Reminders for  2012

By Ric “CLUTCH” Case



Happy New Year Top Cats!

I trust everyone had marvelous Holidays, however you choose to celebrate them.  We have so many things to be truly grateful; family, friends, and the Sisterhood and Brotherhood of Top Cats.   Let me be one of the first to wish my entire fellow Top Cats a Happy New Year, with more and greater rides than ever.

I know you value your membership, so attend a GRASS, for a refresher or so that you can maintain your current membership qualifications. Remember as a new Top Cat you have a year to take GRASS to retain your membership privileges or else you have to reapply for membership.  That next available class will be Sunday March 25th, 2012 at Keller and Williams office in the Harris Bank Building located at the Northwest corner of Route 53 and Northwest highway (enter at the rear of the building) starting at 8AM with a ½ hour social of coffee, donuts, and bagels. For all Senior Road Captains (GOLD Rockers) and Road Captains (WHITE Rockers) the meeting will be Sunday January 22nd, 2012, same time, same place.


Safety Tip  for  January 2012

If you are so inclined to store your motorcycle for the winter, here are some reminders:

1) Use a battery tender (trickle charger) to maintain battery life, or remove the battery and store it in a warm and dry place. (NOTE:  IT MAKES NO SENSE REGARDING FUEL INJECTION / CARBURETOR AND A BATTERY TENDER)

2) Add a fuel stabilizer to a nearly full tank of gas and run the bike for 5 minutes so that it mixes thoroughly before you store it.

3) Do NOT run the motorcycle for 5-10 minutes while just sitting at its storage facility during your storage period.  It will do more harm than good.  Moisture will build up internally and do more damage than good.  If you feel compelled to start it up during that storage time, pick a day you are able to RIDE it for at least a half an hour to give that moisture an opportunity to evaporate.

4) If you store it near a vehicle that accumulates moisture, drips, contaminants and splashes salt during the storage period, remember to cover the motorcycle so that none of that salt comes in contact with your scooter.  That salt can cause pitting and/or permanent damage.

5)  Finally, be sure that you use a breathable bike cover if your bike is not exposed to weather.  Water proof covers can trap and hold moisture that will damage your bike over extended periods.


Ride Free

Ric “CLUTCH” Case

Safety Director