Top Ten Survival Tips

By Traveler

 Why only ten?  I have a variety of over 50 safety tips that I have stashed away over decades of riding and, now seems like the time to start sharing them with as many riders as possible…ten at a time.  Some of these, I realized, were actually dated from the late ’60s.  But, as you’ll see, they are still relevant, topical, and wise advice for us to follow regardless of age, experience, or skill levels.

1.  Always assume that you are invisible.  Never assume that drivers see you.

2.  Be considerate.  Never ride so aggressively that it antagonizes other drivers.  Remember, the right – of way belongs to the vehicle with the most lug nuts and motorcycles have none.

3.  Dress for the crash not for the prom or the fashion show.  Your protective riding gear should be functional first and fashionable second.

4.  Ride like a pessimist.  Anticipate the worst case event at every intersection, every passing situation, every turn, every curve and….plan on your evasive / corrective action.

5.  Leave your ego home.  Never take it with you on a solo ride or a group ride.  An ego can be a horrible co-rider.

6.  Stay alert, alert, and alert.  Scan ahead, scan behind, never get too comfortable and start day dreaming.

7.  Mirrors only say “No!”  Your mirrors will show you a vehicle overtaking you but, they must not be relied on to clear a lane before making a lane change.  Always clear the lane by looking first.

8.  Search for and avoid; big potholes, road debris, oil spots, semi – trailers, dump trucks and mini vans.

9. Use both front and rear brakes together.  Two brakes will stop you, one brake will just reduce your injuries a bit.

10.  Never trust deer whistles, a GPS, a fuel reserve light, a can of fix – a – flat, or a left turning, on – coming vehicle.Old.Gray.Rider_1024x768

Finally, old, grey – beard, riders, don’t get that way by riding stupid.  They get that way by riding smarter than the traffic around them.