jan roarWinter Storage

By: Ric Case

Senior Road Captain



Things to consider:

¨ If your motorcycle is water cooled make sure you have a sufficient level of protection so that the coolant does not freeze.

¨ When storing your motorcycle near other vehicles that collect snow, make none of that melted stuff gets on your motorcycle.  Salt can do serious damage.

¨ Cover the motorcycle with a breathable cover so that moisture does not accumulate and cause rust.

¨ Use a battery tender if you have one available.  If not disconnect the battery unless you ride it more than once a month.  If you do start it up, make sure to move it around or take a short ride to make sure that you evaporate all the moisture.  Side bar: I keep my tender hooked all year round when not using it and I’ve managed to get six years of use out of each battery.

¨ Fill the fuel tank completely and add ethanol safe stabilizer or c-foam.  Again, a partially tank will collect moisture.

¨ Operate the controls every once in a while to keep them freed up.

¨ Change the oil as soon as you bring it out of storage.

¨ Are you starting to get the picture? Moisture is a motorcycle’s worst enemy during storage.

¨ If you have an interest in storing your motorcycle with easy access see Larry Scalzitti. He has storage space available.

¨ One last item before I leave you, make sure to inspect all your riding gear both summer, autumn and winter for wear, damage, and/or mold.  Then repair and/or replace it.  Lots of deals right now during this off-riding season.

Oh…. and do have a Happy New Year and a great 2013 Riding year