Getting Ready for Spring Riding?
By Senior Road Captain, Greg Smith

Good news! The motorcycle season is just around the corner and you’ll soon be hitting the open roads on your favorite two-wheeler. After a long winter in storage and depending on how well it was winterized, your bike will likely need some attention. Get an early start and start the riding season right with the T-CLOCS inspection check-list, created by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. Find the information at:


The following is a brief summary of that checklist to help get your bike ready to ride after its long winter nap.
T = Tires & Wheels
Check tires’ overall condition for things such as air pres-sure, tread wear, dry rot, and bulges.
Check wheels for bent broken or loose spokes, cracked or dented rims, and leaking seals.
C = Controls
Check the condition of all controls, pivot points and cables for freedom of movement and properly lubrication.
Check handlebar and handgrip condition for straightness, turning freely, and being secure.
Check condition of hoses for dry rot, cracks, leaks, and chafing.

L = Lights and Electric
Start by checking the heart of the electrical system, the battery. Is it fully charged, secure and terminals clean and tight?
Check the lighting, head and tail lamps, brake and turn signals, the bulbs and switches.
Make a final check of all wiring and its insulation for fray-ing, cracking, and pinching.
O = Oil and Other Fluids
Before moving the Bike, check the ground for evidence of fluid leaks, and fluid lines for cracking, chafing and leaks.
Check fluids for proper levels – it’s a good idea to start the season with new oil and filter.
C = Chassis
Check the general condition of the frame, front and rear shocks, and belt and chain tension.
Check for loose and missing nuts and bolts, and clips and fasteners
S = Stands
Check stands for proper operation and spring tension.
Remember, this was a brief summary of the checklist cre-ated by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. Go to their website to view and print the entire checklist. You might also consider using this checklist several times throughout the riding season as a complete safety check.
Have a safe, fun-filled start to your riding