Fall Riding

By Bard Boand “Senior Road Captain”

Leaves-12.10 KK







The fall riding season will be upon us soon. As you know, each season has it’s own riding peculiarities and things to address in order to ride safe.

Here are a few to remember this fall as you plan your rides:

Leaves on the pavement are very slippery, especially when wet. Not only will your tires slip, but so will your feet when backing up your bike while parking.

Moisture forms on the pavement with rapid temperature

change and temperature difference between ground and air.  Be especially watchful in the early morning hours.  Ever heard of “Black Ice”?

Temperature variation from morning, noon, and evening are usually more dramatic in the fall, so “all seasons and all weather” dress should be considered on your person and / or in your tour pack.

Tire pressure. You all check your tire pressure each and every time you ride, right? Ya, right…..AMAZING…?????@#$%^&*?**   As the fall air and pavement cools, air molecules contract, causing reduced tire pressure as the weather cools. If the last time you checked your tire pressure was mid-July, expect your tires to be near flat come October, if you haven’t killed yourself in between.

Gets dark earlier…Road Captains or individuals planning a trip this fall be aware of earlier sun-set times if you wish to avoid riding at night.

The fall air is clean and crisp, the colors are spectacular, to many it’s the best time of year for motor vehicle touring, so be aware of increased weekend traffic and drivers looking at the fall colors rather than the roadway on other traffic..

So…. Keep these things in mind as you plan your fall rides. If you address these things BEFORE you leave, you will be able to ride confidently and safely into the autumn days!